Our founding principle:

INSULATION for heat not INVASION for OIL !

If we spend the $Billions to insulate we won't need Middle East oil.

America is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for Mideast Oil we don't need.

Some say we invaded Iraq because innocent people were dying there, but Millions of people died in Russia, China, Africa., etc., etc., but we did not invade them. Why? Most likely because they did not have oil.


The goal of life is peace and happiness. To do this man needs to live and use his energies in harmony with man and nature and God. God will not change and nature will not change. So man must change to be in harmony with God and nature. It is the job of Faith Energy.org / The New Jersey Solar Coalition to research and educate mankind regarding these basic facts. Much of the underlying principles have been determined and now need to be developed and taught.

We seek to assist everyone, people, companies and groups, to do the most good with the least energy of all kinds; Spiritual, Mental, Creative, Artistic, Scientific, Health, Emotional, Solar, Conservation, Electrical, Fusion, Carbon Fuels, etc.

Love Gift page. Paintings of Rene' Daniel Grove the originator of MICKY MOUSE.
A charitable donation to our cause and receives a nice gift to share love harmony with some other earth dweller(s).

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28 March 2005: More expensive Oil and Gas will force big changes soon. Everyone should read:
The Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler, Rolling Stone Magazine & Grove Atlantic Inc.

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